Project Description

There is no one deserving of more respect, consideration, and patience, than children.

They are not merely little adults, they are beings within their own right, waiting, eagerly, to explore their world and all that there is to discover. In an ideal world, this entails adventures and new experiences, new encounters and stories to be told with great animation. And even though this will remain a part of the focus in helping your little one achieve these goals with a carefree attitude, there might be some bridges to cross before we can get there. The intensity of the sessions vary from issues with self-esteem and acceptance, to bullying and more intense feelings of rejection and judgment. Children in today’s day and age need to be prepared to deal with familial conflict and animosity, divorce, blended families, and bereavement, to name a few.

They are not yet able to express their emotional world on a verbal level, and might act out in an attempt to get their message across; “I am not coping”. They need to be awarded a space within which they can develop not only the necessary skills to cope with difficult situations, but also to develop their emotional intelligence (EQ) in order to name, control, and understand their feelings. It normalises their behaviour instead of pathologising it, which applies to all age groups.

With the little ones (ages 3-7 years) play therapy is predominantly utilised, where the therapist gains insight into their inner world and processes through the medium of play, which entails a large variety of play therapy techniques. These will be discussed with the parents in an on-going process, as each child is unique and finds their own way to communicate what they are feeling. The question of resistance is sometimes raised by parents, which is usually overcome in time when rapport with the therapist is built, and trust can develop. Children are by nature trusting, and we need to do our utmost best to keep it that way. After the age of approximately 8 years there is often a shift, and the therapy can take on a different course. There is generally more conversation that takes place, although mediums are still utilised if necessary.

“It is easier to prepare stronger men, than it is to repair broken men”.

Frederick Douglass

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