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Project Description

We strive for an interconnectedness, an understanding of who we are and to be accepted for it.

Yet we might struggle to accept ourselves at times. We can very easily fall into a pattern where blame becomes the focal point, where we are constantly in a process of trying to make sense as to how we let things deteriorate to the point that the person next to you feels like a stranger. Communication becomes minimal, where we might avoid conversation out of fear of conflict, for our energy levels might have become depleted. At times we might lose sight of what we once had, or feel that it is impossible to regain those initial feelings of being in-love, feeling excitement instead of dread when thinking about seeing the other person. We often crave to have those days over, when feeling connected was the best feeling in the world, and came so naturally.

It might feel like it is not possible to regain those feelings, though we need to bear in mind that conflict is growth trying to happen. So instead of avoiding difficult conversations, therapeutic conversations provide you with the space to explore these by means of a facilitator, or an interpreter, as it were. For this is sometimes what is needed, to have someone there to interpret on your behalf, to help both of you make sense of what the other person is trying to communicate, as opposed to acting in defense, and thus not listening to the intent behind the message.

“Relationships are worth fighting for, but you cannot be the only one fighting”.

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