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Project Description

Parenting is multi-faceted, and cannot be reduced to a simple, unitary action.

It is impossible to capture the essence of what it entails to raise balanced, happy children, and many parents may feel that asking for help as it relates to parenting is an indication of incompetence, which feeds into the misconception that parenting should be an natural and instinctive process. This may result in parents not seeking guidance, though it should be emphasised that seeking advice is a sign of insight, strength, and dedication to your child. Parenting is an immense responsibility, and should not be underestimated and underscored. We are often not ready for the level of commitment it requires to raise children, nor the intensity of this journey, and may need some assistance in order to cultivate our children’s strengths.

Sessions that focus on parental guidance are aimed at empowering parents to be more effective in their parenting, by changing possible ineffective parenting styles, which can bring about tremendous change and relief within the family system. It can set the emotional climate in the family, thus creating a positive shift. It furthermore helps parents to understand their own reaction toward situations whereby they encourage or discourage certain behaviours, in an attempt to reinforce positive change. It should be noted that these sessions are not only undertaken within high conflict families or during a process of divorce, and should be seen as an investment in your child’s development.

“Children will listen to you after they feel listened to”.

Jane Nelsen

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