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Project Description

A scholastic assessment battery is often indicated when parents and/or educators identify that there might be some areas of concern

As it relates to the child’s functioning, academically or otherwise. The battery includes a cognitive assessment, thus indicating your child’s intellectual functioning, where the sub-tests are evaluated, as well as their verbal and non-verbal functioning. This aids the decision making process as it relates to which schooling option is best suited for your child, as well as which areas might require stimulation. An academic assessment is conducted, consisting out of a variety of mathematics, spelling, and reading tests, so as to ascertain their functioning on these cornerstones of scholastic achievement. An emotional assessment completes the process, providing significant information as it relates to their inner emotional well-being and possible concerns that they might be experiencing. A detailed report is compiled to assist the understanding of their entire profile, and recommendations are made based on the information obtained.

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