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Project Description

School readiness assessments are conducted in order to determine whether your little one is ready to embark on their formal tuition journey.

There are certain key factors involved when considering this, and the assessment is aimed at providing the parents as well as the school with the necessary information to make an informed decision. A cognitive assessment provides information as it relates to your child’s intellectual functioning, where close attention is paid to the sub-tests and how they scored on each of these respectively. The results indicate where your child is functioning according to an age appropriate norm, which allows for valuable information when compared to where they are expected to perform.

This presents you with an indication of their strengths and weaknesses, and thus empowers significant role players with the knowledge as to which to utilise and which to develop. Two perceptual developmental assessments are conducted, as a baseline to measure certain skills that need to be developed in order to aid their functioning in formal schooling, as well as to provide information as it relates to certain skills that may require further stimulation. Lastly, an emotional assessment, consisting out of 3 projective testing measures provides information as to the child’s emotional readiness, as well as their general emotional functioning and state of well-being. A thorough report is produced, thus providing the parents with the necessary information to make the decision as it relates to their child’s future.

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